Amory Starr has spent a few decades trying to understand and do something useful about economics and action.

My biggest delight is food. In addition to extensive foraging, I made some academic papers and classes, ran an underground restaurant in my house, and documented the Local Food Movement. In 2008, I wrote a Manifesto for a similar social movement for Local/Slow/Artisan Objects. In 2013 I did an exhibition about these ideas at the Gaffa Gallery, Sydney. After collecting interviews with artisans for 10 years, I released the book Artisan Modern: Quality Work, Transactions, and Objects, and founded Artisan Modern Magazine and the Objectography.

I also love to Work, and am fascinated by work as an aspect of our humanity.

I grew up in California, got some degrees from M.I.T. and UC-Santa Barbara, worked as a professor for 10 years, and left the U.S. and academia in 2009. Since then, I’ve worked as a performing artist and lived in Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Italy, and France. In 2019 I began a quest for home.

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