Amory Starr has spent a few decades trying to understand and do something useful about economics and action. My biggest delight is food. In addition to extensive foraging, I made some academic papers and classes, ran an underground restaurant in my house, and documented the Local Food Movement. In 2008, I wrote a Manifesto for […]


Matt Regan is producer and editor of Quality of Life. A forager and fermenter, Matt creates magic in the kitchen. He’s most happy when his knives are sharp. He has fridge magnets and isn’t afraid to use them. After 26 years in various kitchens and 30 years playing music, Matt is a professional at knowing […]


Tibor Kiss is a a designer and roving reporter for Quality of Life.


Host of Quality of Life, flâneuse, word-nerd, free-searcher, fermenter, tinkerer and maker, Wendy Neale’s interests are broad and deep. She has a crafts-based arts practice and dabbles with contemporary digital fabrication, having engaged with the global fab lab network for the last decade. She chooses to address systemic change through many kinds of personal activism.